Traction batteries

Traction batteries are designed for forclift and other special equipment, incl. Tractors, mine electric locomotives, trucks, etc. Traction batteries are economical, reliable and provide efficient operation. Another advantage is the long service life, which is more than 1600 cycles (on average, it is about 4-5 years of use).
Batteries traction TAV have the following features:
• high capacity
• Durability - from 1600 cycles
• Vibration resistance
• low water consumption
• ease of maintenance
• fast enough charging

Traction batteries are suitable for all types of electric transport, as well as hoisting and transport devices. The production is carried out in accordance with DIN (PzS) (Germany) and BS (PzB) standards (Great Britain).
Battery type PzS and PzB are also used on equipment such as forklifts, tractors, mine locomotives, conveyors. An example of their applicability for the Bulgarian equipment "Balkancar" is given in the table:


Vehicle Battery type Voltage Capacity Size, mm Weight w/o electrolite, kg Full weight, kg
ЕП 006.2  40/3 PzS180L  2х40 В  180 А/ч  676х825/918х405  465 585
ЕВ 687  40/3 PzS240L  2х40 В  240 А/ч  825х670х460  520 668
ЕП 011.2  40/4 PzS320L  2х40 В  320 А/ч  860х855/965х470  691 887
ЕВ 717.33  40/4 PzS320L  2х40 В  320 А/ч  1015х692х492  679 887
ЕВ 717.45  40/5 PzS400L  2х40 В  400 А/ч  1015х840х462  831 1075
ЕВ 735, 737  40/7 PzS630L  2х40 В  630 А/ч  1030х1.134х540  1368 1768
Battery Specifications
ЕП 006.2 

Battery type: 40/3 PzS180L 

Voltage: 2х40 В 

Size, mm: 676х825/918х405 

ЕВ 687 

Battery type: 40/3 PzS240L 

Voltage: 2х40 В 

Size, mm: 825х670х460 

ЕП 011.2 

Battery type: 40/4 PzS320L 

Voltage: 2х40 В 

Size, mm: 860х855/965х470 

ЕВ 717.33 

Battery type: 40/4 PzS320L 

Voltage: 2х40 В 

Size, mm: 1015х692х492 

ЕВ 717.45 

Battery type: 40/5 PzS400L 

Voltage: 2х40 В 

Size, mm: 1015х840х462 

ЕВ 735, 737 

Battery type: 40/7 PzS630L 

Voltage: 2х40 В 

Size, mm: 1030х1.134х540