Stationary batteries

Stationary batteries type OPzS are designed for use in telecommunications installations, computers, emergency lighting, signaling, monitoring and monitoring systems at power plants and distribution stations, railway stations, airports, etc.

Due to their extremely low self-discharge capacity, they are suitable for use in installations powered by solar cells.

Advantages of batteries:

High capacity
Long service life
Small maintenance
Low self-discharge
Fast and easy electrolyte level control
Economical water consumption
The perfect combination of size and weight
Individual cells (2B) and blocks (6B and 12B) are placed in transparent plastic containers made of styrene-acryl-nitrile (SAN), a material resistant to chemical attack and acid and mechanical damage.

The stationary batteries type OPzS are manufactured in accordance with DIN 40736, EN 60896 and IEC 896-1.