Production and recycling

iPower is an energy holding company with a complete closed cycle, which includes:

  • Recycling of lead scrap and production of lead alloys.

iPower company includes the first and only enterprise in the Republic of Belarus, which recycle scrap of lead-acid batteries. The processing plant is working to meet the ever increasing demand for this heavy metal in the country and abroad.


  • Production of starter lead-acid batteries

The production of car batteries is based on ExMET technology (Expanded Metal). Most world manufacturers of batteries use this technology. Its essence consists in perforating a metal tape with subsequent stretching. As a result, the plates have a more rigid structure, are less prone to corrosion and provide better performance of the battery. At the same time, the advanced technology "Calcium-calcium" is used. The difference of this technology lies in the fact that calcium is used as an additive in the plates. Calcium batteries practically do not require any kind of maintenance and any chemical experiments with distilled water


  • Manufacture of traction and stationary storage batteries

At the moment, iPower is investing significant amounts of money and is implementing a project to create a production for Traction and Stationary batteries. The planned commissioning date is 2020. The plant will be located in the FEZ Brest.